Thursday, June 26, 2008

Have a Vision Board

Not that I am advocating Oprah, who in herself is her own religion, but I did get the idea from something I saw on one of her shows. It was talking about that ridiculous concept The Secret where you can get things to come into your life by speaking them into the universe. Although I do not believe in the concept proposed by The Secret I do believe in a Vision Board. On the show a woman was talking about how she had a board that she tacked all the thing she would like to do/have onto and there was a stove that she liked. Anyway she bought another stove and somehow "the universe did not want her to have that stove but the one she had on her board" and she ended up with the original stove. Okay far fetched I know!

I like the idea of a Vision Board. Not because you can somehow magically get these things to appear in your life but because using a vision board narrows your scope so you can focus on your goals. By keeping the things that are important to you in front of you so you can look at them every day it keeps you in forward progression - it helps you know where you want to be. On my visions board I have the house that I want to build, some scripture, a quote about Living my best life, among a few other things. I am working on a PhD so I have something relating to that on there as well. Sorry a stove is not that important to me. I think you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their vision board.

The key to success in any capacity is staying focused.