Sunday, May 3, 2009


I am not the chicken type. Had you asked me two years ago if I would have had chickens I would have said there would be no way I would keep chickens. A year into the process I cannot see how I lived without chickens. Granted we have 1 acre of land but realistically you could keep chickens in an urban backyard. Chickens are very low maintenance and you get quality eggs.

Here is what you need to know:

1.) You only need hens to get eggs. Roosters are unnecessary unless you want baby chicks. Believe it or not so many peole do not know this.

2.) You need water tight shelter. This could be anything. All you need is for it to be secure so a raccoon does not get in and for the hens to be able to roost off the ground.

3.) You do not need many hens. Three hens will usually lay an egg a day. 24 eggs in a week. Not bad and it saves you $2 at the store if you were to buy them.

4.) You do not necessarily have to feed the chickens anything. Ours are free range so they are not caged. They walk around and eat bugs all day. in the winter time when bugs are a little more scarce we supplement with organic chicken feed but a cupful once in the evening and once in the morning is enough to suffice our 12 hens.

That is it. On the surface keeping chickens seems a bit overwhelming but in the grand scheme of things it is really easy to keep hens. And it saves you money.

Which is why we are here isn't it?

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Jerry said...

This is one of my dreams for when we get back to the States... I want to have enough land to build a chicken coop. Beyond having enough eggs for ourselves, and maybe selling some as well, I would rather have the insurance of eating good eggs that are coming from happy, free-range chickens.