Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back in the Game

You know sometimes when it really seems like people are not listening it is hard to stay motivated to keep on writing about stuff? I had a computer issue for a couple of days there and then I began to let those thoughts creep in: "Well no one really reads the blog anyway so why bother?" or "Do I really have time to do this?"

So I check in today and there is a new comment saying that I have good information! Ahhhhhh....all is well in the world again. It is so nice to hear people say nice things or make comments. it keeps those of us who blog a feeling that we are helping in some small way. Sometimes it is hard to carry on a one sided relationship - no feedback sometimes makes you think am I the only one who is giving here??

I thank all of you who have posted in the past. I'm back in the game.


Angela said...

Chou Chou, some of us are reading! Keep up the good work. You help inspire the rest of us on the debt free road.

ChouChou said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it!

Jerry said...

ChouChou, you are inspiring... from your pursuit of higher education to the healthy lifestyle you lead, to your excellent sense of frugality. I enjoy your posts, they are well written, and they offer some insurance to people that it can be done... and on a shoestring, to boot! Keep at it. I really do enjoy reading your blog.

ChouChou said...

Thank you Jerry - I really appreciate it!