Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Never Buy Another Envelope Again

Make sure that you recycle envelopes that you receive from companies trying to get your business. You know the envelopes you get with "postage paid" on them? The ones without windows. Pull it apart, flip it inside out and glue the edges back down. I have a file folder in my file cabinet that I keep these envelopes in. As I am going through junk mail I toss these envelopes into the file and then maybe once every three or four months, when I have collected a bunch, I will take a half hour and pull them all apart, turn them inside out, and glue them back together again. Do it while you watch tv.

You'll never have to buy another envelope again.


jm said...

even better thing to do with your postage paid envelopes: http://officeofstrategicinfluence.com/bulkmailer/

Jerry said...

This is really funny, I have done both the suggested things in the original post, and jm's idea (albeit not with a brick, just a bunch of insurance-related junk mail). Recycling envelopes is frugal, and sending blank junk mail back to the source leads to a random sort of satisfaction in an odd way that I really can't explain. Great ideas, one and all!