Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May Snowflake Report - $1292.15

Not bad for this month so far:

77.15 - Sold textbook on
335.00 - Sold Braille machine on Ebay
11.50 - rolled change from change jar
57.83 - refund from Unclaimed money
800.00 - sold comic book collection
10.67 - reimbursement check

$1292.15 - sent to savings

I decided instead of paying off the orthodontist I would slate most of May's snowflake money to savings and pay only a little to the orthodontist. But all in all a good month for snowflakes.


Jerry said...

$800 for a comic book collection? Wow. That leads to more than a snowflake, ChouChou. That's a whole snowman. You guys could fund a nice chunk of the ol' retirement annuity with that one!

Anonymous said...

wow! excellent snowflake money :)