Friday, April 25, 2008

Carnival of Snowflaking 1st Edition!

The first edition of the Carnival of Snowflaking is up over at Snowflake Revoloution and many thanks to Paid Twice for including my post on How To Find Snowflakes! Please go visit all of the great bloggers who post about snowflaking. You'll learn alot about this revolutionary way of attacking debt and saving money. Knowledge is power.

If this is your first time to my blog welcome! I invite you to please take a look around and learn how we live on a fireman's salary with 4 kids in a 21st century world! There are many ideas and helpful hints on how to save money, make money and reduce your debt.

I thank you kindly for stopping by!

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Jerry said...

Hey, Chouchou, we have missed your blog updates! Grad school leads to a pretty hectic schedule, though. Hopefully you will have some free time to keep us updated again soon! Your input on debt and frugality is good stuff... it's always nice to save a little money to stash away into investments or annuities or whatever the situation warrants.
Hope all is well...