Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Egg Layer Has Died

Roxy "Buck Buck" was killed in her enclosure by a fox. My girls wept for an hour last night. Please be in prayer for these young children that lost a pet. She followed them around the yard and came when they called her. She was not like other chickens but like a real pet for them. Pray that they might understand that it is better to have loved her for a little while than to never have loved her at all.


Jerry said...

I'm really sorry to read about Buck Buck. I never had a chicken growing up, but I lost a couple of dogs... and still have a tender spot in my heart for beagles and corgis to this day. Your kids are in my thoughts.

ChouChou said...

Thank you kindly. The children wept for more than an hour over their sudden loss. I took them to won for ice cream and we had a special bike ride to ease their pain a bit.

Thank you for your thoughts. It is nice to know that others care about three young girls who loved their chicken so.

Jerry said...

Well, my 3-y.o. girl sure loves her goldfish (and we all know how affectionate THEY are... or not), so the bond with an actual, feathered friend has to be strong.

Also, by the by, thanks for this blog. We are actively looking for ways to live on less during an upcoming overseas move, during which I will be attending grad school... and your tips are both pertinent and excellent!

Best to you and yours,