Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Creative Loopholes

Yes! I love it when things work out for my benefit!! But you cannot just sit around and expect things to happen to you that maximize your savings. You need to take an active role in seeking out creative opportunities.
There are ways to obtain what you need/want in such a way that it makes you smile because you really got a bargain. Always try to look at how you can maximize your potential savings. I always tell myself and the kids "I would rather have money in my pocket to travel, buy things that I enjoy and not have to waste money on things like the electric bill and groceries." This is why I strive so hard to minimize trivial (well, trivial to me) bills. I just don't want to give away my hard earned money. I always try to maximize my savings in any situation.

Today on National Public Radio (NPR) they are having a drive to raise money. If you donate $200.00 to their drive they were offering two free tickets to a huge amusement park. Now we were already going to buy season passes to this amusement part which are $68.00 each. For a family of 6 that is $408.00. We usually buy either those amusement park season passes or water park season passes each year. Now I usually do not donate to NPR when they have these fund drives but I am a loyal listener, every day of my life in fact. But we just do not have "extra" to give away in this season of our lives.

Since we were already going to buy the passes to begin with my husband and I both donated $200.00 to NPR. This equals four free season passes. You're sitting there thinking well didn't you actually spend more for the tickets? Here's the sweet part of the deal. You can deduct the amount that you donated to NPR off of your taxes. So in essence, I will be able to deduct the $400.00 off my taxes lowering my taxable income for this year. Nice, huh? I thought so too.

Always look for way to maximize your savings so things will work out for your benefit.

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