Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lightbulb Appears on Top of My Head- Frugal Multiplicity

We live on 1 1/4 acres of land. We have had a riding lawnmower for years. You know the gas guzzling hog that is loud, obnoixious and you die of boredom while you are riding it. Witht he weather breaking and the grass starting to grow again I decided that I wanted one of those old timey lawn mowers, the kind you push and the roating blades cut the grass with sheer elbow grease.

10:30 AM- Ding! Lightbulb appears on top of my head. I decide I want an old timey push mower to get more exercise and not have to pay for gas to run the riding lawnmower. Not to mention leaving less imprint of the earth with no emmisions.

11:00 AM - Post on Freecycle that I am looking for such a thing.

3:00PM - Someone emails me and tells me that have one in perfect condition and it is sitting outside and I can pick it up whenever.

3:15PM - I call my freind who works in town right around the corner from these people and he picks it up on his way home from work for me.

5:30PM - My friend drops off the mower, and not without a 15 minute diatribe of how ridiculous I will look with the 1952 mower. I begin to mow the yard, well part of the yard and get my exercise for the day.

Cost: Free

Those things run $90-139.00 new. Granted this came about beautifully and I would have waited until one showed up over the next few weeks on Freecycle but this just goes to show that to get your idea to become a reality is easy and it won't cost you anything. I remember 15 years ago if I got that same idea I would run to the store and just buy one, not even thinking about how I could come about one for free.

Again, you never know where help might come from and it might just be free. But you never know unless you tell people your needs.

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