Monday, April 7, 2008

Savvy Shopping Report! Detergent!

Normally I do not buy detergent. It has all kinds of junk in it and you can easily make some yourself. Here is a recipe for homemade laundry detergent. But sometimes I get bogged down and need to buy detergent. But yesterday I was smitten by a deal at Walgreen's. In their sale ad they had Gain detergent for 2/$10 which is a horrible deal. But since you get $4.00 off your next shopping order (these are called Register Rewards) and if you buy $50.00 worth you get an extra $5.00 RR. I decided to buy $50.00 worth. Here's the math:

2/$10 - I bought 10 things of detergent - the big 48 load ones!


-$25.00 Register Rewards

-$7.00 previously earned RR's


$18.00 OOP (Out of Pocket)

$20.00/10 = $1.80 each

I won't need detergent for a year! Yes it is obnoxious to walk out of a store with 10 things of detergent! And you do need to have some flexibility in your budget to be able to drop extra money on a really good deal and not have to worry that you cannot buy eggs this week. Pad your account with a little extra so you can take advantage of deals like this. You can either have surplus in your regular checking account or budget envelope or have a totally separate account for "extras". Just make sure that you have a little extra so you do not have to pass up a good deal. Pre-planning makes all the difference.

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