Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saving Money Doesn't Need to Be Difficult But It Needs To Be Organized

Remember how I told you about how I use coupons here and here? Just to make my life a little easier when I am going to a particular store I will write the list on an envelope and then put the coupons for that store that I need into the envelope so everything is sorted and I do not have to troll through my binder to find something. This works especially well if you are doing the Walgreen's or CVS or Rite Aid deals. Write what the deals are on the outside of the envelope. Here is an example:

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste -2.99 (on sale) - 2.99 (rebate) - 1.50 (MC)

This shows me what the price of the item should be on sale, that I have to rebate, and that I have a 1.50 manufacturer's coupon in the envelope for it. I use all kinds of abbreviations so it doesn't look all written out like this on the envelope.
Saving money does not have to be difficult but it does need to be organized.

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