Thursday, March 13, 2008

Car Insurance Loyalty to Customers - Ummm, ma'mam, who are you again?

I've been with Geico for 7 years. 2555 days. I've never had an accident. I have never filed a claim. Even when my child's portable DVD player was stolen out of the back seat I didn't not complain. I'm complaining now however.

They don't care.

They raised my rate. Not just a couple of dollars either. $89.00.

My policy is up for renewal so I call and ask:

"So why is my rate so much higher?"

"Has anything changed ma'am?"


"No teenage drivers?"


"No accidents or claims?"


"Ma'am, I really don't know why your rate has gone up but I see you have all of the discounts and have been with us for seven years so we thank you for that."

"Apparently you guys thanked me by raising my rater."

"Really ma'am that is the best we can do."

On to comparison shopping for car insurance. Even though I would much rather spend my Wednesday morning, oh I don't know, plucking all the hairs our of my head, I spent what was and hour and a half on comparison shopping different companies to give me quotes for a new policy. I gave the same information four times to four differnt companies. They cannot just give you a ball park number. They need your mother's Social Security number and your genetic code is on your 8th chromosome.

I did find a reputable company that I had heard of, and not Joe's Auto Insurance located on Riff Raff Road, that will give me a comparable policy and a great rate. Allstate ended up being the winner here: $411.00 for six months! $121.00 savings! For a hour and a half worth of work. So what's that - $80/hour? Not bad. And all because I did not just accept the shaft from my current insurance company. I spent a little time, granted aggravating and irritating time, but still, the less money out of my pocket for things like insurance is more money towards debt and savings.

Debt and/or Savings Strategy Step #5: Comparison Shop for Everything

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