Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snowflake Report - $22.75

I love snowflakes! I can't believed I even lived with out them before - how could I have managed? Here is the report:

Bought wrong sized canning lids so I returned them - $1.97
canvas bag I thought I needed but decided I didn't - $3.99
Walgreen's EasySaver rebate - $14.97

Now who knew, but apparently my mother bought me a subscription to the lottery and I won $2.00 so she hands me a check from the lottery place for $2.00. Who knew you could win the lottery when you don't even play the lottery?!? - $2.00

Total Snowflake Money - $22.75

All going into the orthodontist envelope in my desk to be paid the next time I am in "town" and in that neck of the woods.

Ortho balance: $1642.25

Again I cannot say how important it is for you to collect small amounts of money and put them towards your debts. There were so many times in the past that I got an unexpected $10 and blew it and never could tell you where it went. I decided that I did not need that money when I did not know it was coming to me so I do not need it now. Almost like it doesn't exist. I put it straight to debt. Once I am finished with the orthodontist bill I will then concentrate on my student loans from snowflaking. Remember this money is in addition to your regular payments. My regular payment to the orthodontist is $135.00/month. Money I make snowflaking is extra and pays down the balance much faster.

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