Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I should have done this a long time ago. I mean really, a loooonggg time ago. I spend so much time on the web, learning about personal finance, peeking into other people's lives through their blogs, that is just makes sense that I do it too. So how did I get here? November 2006 I sold my company for a profit to become a stay at home mom and return to graduate school. We were debt free except for our mortgage and somehow, some way, I have managed to incur $35,000 in school loans, a personal loan, an orthodontic treatment loan, and still have a mortgage. Part of the problem was that I was still living at the same level that we were when I was working. Being a dual income family meant there was lots of disposable income. Our bills were based on my husband's salary so the several thousand I made was really play money. Once that was gone things should have changed but they didn't. Sure I got a lump sum for the company but that went to savings which I cannot touch. So I just spent whatever, whenever, living like I did before we went down to one income. Not a smart move.
Cut to March 2008. The reality of our liquid savings going down and my credit card use going up hits me like a ton of bricks a few months ago. In the last few months I have become something of a personal finance guru. I can budget like no one's business now (I've never had a budget before). I can snowflake with the best of them. I have increased our savings and developed multiple ways to increase our income all the while living on less than $2400.00 (take home) per month. That includes the $1500.00 mortgage payment. Yes, we live on $900.00/month and we can still put away money in savings. Yes, we have four kids. Yes, we eat mostly organic. Yes, we have three cars.
So join me as I share tips, ideas, creative loopholes, and other unbelievable ways to cut your spending and increase your savings at the same time.

Onward....so this is how we do it....

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