Monday, March 17, 2008

Snowflake Report - $6.00 - Checking the Mail is like Christmas!

I love to check the mail. The regular snail mail. Today in the mailbox was a check from LiveActive cheese. It was my rebate for trying their cheese. They have a guarantee that if you try their cheese you can send in for a rebate. I got $6.00 back!
This will go into the envelope in my desk for the orthodontist. $6.00 closer to paying them off!
I believe that the Live Active guarantee is still going on until July 2008. Find a sale where they are 2/$6.00 or Walmart sells them for $2.77. There were printable coupons online a month or so ago for $2.00/1 but unfortunately they are no longer available - I just checked so I cannot link you to any current coupons for the cheese. If you can get your hands on some that were in the papers in the last couple of months or find some from another source it would be less out of pocket for you. However, because you are getting them free when you get your rebate it really won't matter in the end.
Here is the rebate form for you to fill out and send it with your UPC's.
Make sure that you snowflake the money from the rebate when it comes in. Make a commitment to yourself now that any rebate checks that some in, no matter what, that you are going to snowflake them towards debt or savings. You did not miss that money when you did not have that check in your hand - don't even think about it- just put it towards something that will help your situation and don't look back.

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