Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snowflake Report -$19.49 just deposited $19.49 cents! WooHoo! That is sad. Really. I am overjoyed that $19.49 was deposited in my account. The world is twisted when you can get excited about $19.49 and a hot date with your husband is couponing at Harris Teeter on a Friday Night.

If you are new to saving money and paying off debts and have not heard about the concept of Snowflaking it is something that you want to add to your strategy. It helps, little by little, for you to pay down your debt or sock away money in investments or savings. Paid Twice over at I've Paid For This Twice Already coined the term off of Dave Ramsey's term Debt Snowballing. Paid Twice has now developed sort of a underground movement where people really got on board with the idea that you could actively pay down your debts in small increments in addition to making monthly or bulk payments. It's a great concept and one that I embrace. Thus the excitement about $19.49. You can read Paid Twice's Primer on Snowflaking here.

Okay so on to the $19.49! I sell my textbooks or books that I am trying to get rid of on It is so easy to use and and great way to rid yourself of unwanted books that you have to dust. Actually I guess you could make your kids dust. But look at it another way - that is money sitting on your shelf that you have to dust. Would you rather put that money towards your debt or dust it?

Selling books on that site is a great way to earn snowflakes. Once your item sells they notify you, you ship the item and then the make a deposit twice a month into your account. It's that easy! I've never made a huge amount except for the first time I got started where I sold a bunch of my current graduate school textbooks for $87.00. Still, $87.00 more than I had. And I put that into savings rather than having to dust it on the shelf.

Snowflake Report:

$19.49 goes into the orthodontist envelope sitting in my desk. In the envelope I keep miscellaneous amounts of money that I gather as extra to pay down the ortho bill.

The balance is $1763.00 for the ortho bill.

$332.00 Last payment from pool we sold
3.00 Change jar
$1408.51 Balance

Not bad.

Debt and/or Savings Strategy Step #4 - Snowflake

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