Friday, March 21, 2008

Soap Dispensers Rob Parents and They Know It

How many of you parents out there have kids that go to wash their hands and squirt a shot of soap into their hands and go about their business? Yep, just about everyone.

Each time we, they, whomever washes their hands they pump a bunch of soap out of the dispenser. And in a couple of weeks you have to replace it. Not at our house! Because I get the soaps so inexpensive (.19-25 cents each) I don't buy the big refill jugs. When a dispenser is getting low instead of throwing it out and getting a brand new one we fill it again about a third full with soap from another dispenser, fill it the rest of the way with water and voila! a full soap dispenser at minimal cost. You do not need fully concentrated soap to get your hands clean. A minimal amount of soap, water and old fashioned friction will get your hands clean. Train your kids to only push down the dispenser tab half way, thus getting only half a squirt rather than a full blown squirt to stretch it even further. Again, you are not going to suffer, other than your pocketbook, by not having a fully concentrated, full blown soap squirts each time you wash your hands.

But that is what the soap companies would like you to believe.

Minimize soap use to keep more of your hard earned moneyin your pocket.

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Jerry said...

Soap dispensers last a really long time, if you let them. We have a couple that have a lifespan which now leads into several years, and they still look quite nice as well! Yeah, you need soap as insurance that you are killing germs, but you don't need a ton of it, and you don't need a new bottle every single time. Great frugal tip!